Scott B., Nashville, TN

"We had band rehearsal last night.   The board worked and sounded GREAT.   I want to sincerely thank you for all of your help and assistance.   You and your team went above and beyond the call in providing the best in customer service here.   I have rarely seen a company so promptly, graciously and efficiently address their customer’s concerns and needs such as you have done here.

I am Earthboard’s biggest fan, and I will be certain to show and share your product with the many musicians that I know."



Drew Alkema, Modern Fingerstyle Guitarist, Michigan

"It's unlike anything else on the market.  Magnetic.  Almost no wires.  Completely battery powered.  It's unreal."



Paul B., United Kingdom

" I love the neat, functional and minimalist appearance of the Earthboard and the fact that it operates with a total lack of noise. I play through a Roland Blues Cube and even have to gently pluck a string to check that everything's working !! Swapping overdrive pedals, for example (and we all have lots of those, right ?) to find the best one for the situation is a breeze. The 4 status lights on the battery are great. I often play a week's residency at my local theatre so can just snap out the battery to take home for a rechange when necessary with no problem. It's a seriously fab and extraordinary bit of kit and the team (especially Mark) were great at getting mine shipped over really quickly to the UK. "



Dave C., Babylon, NY

"Loving my EARTHBOARD! Greatest pedal board I have ever had! Easy to set up, and incredibly quiet!  I'm thinking about buying a second one!"


David K., New York, NY

 "Just wanted to let you know that I received my 1024P last weekend. It's pretty great! I can definitely see how the gig life could be a lot easier with your board."


Richard N., Munster, IN

" From unboxing to up and running in only 30 min. Minimal set up and tear down means I don’t have to go hunting around for extension cords and power supplies and can get right to business."



Ryan R., Grass Valley, CA.

 "I just unwrapped it. It's absolutely beautiful.  I couldn't be happier with it so far. Very impressed with this product. I look forward to being an EARTHBOARD customer as long as I'm playing music. Thanks so much for your work!"


Justin B., Fond du Lac, WI.

  "I’m already thinking I need a Light Boot.  And probably a bigger board. Thanks for the fast work and immediate responses. Phenomenal customer care.  The convenience is great, but hum-free operation is truly amazing. What a super board!"


Cliff F., Tampa, FL

"I love this pedal board!  Here is what I love about your product:

It is light and small. Easy to carry and easy to move around.

I love that a can slide my pedals around easily or put the power supply in the center.  The lights make me feel cooler than I really am.

It is state of the art and super cool."



Mark B., Nashville, TN

"I just had 3 things happen at a gig that made my life so much easier because of EARTHBOARD: 1) I played for 3.5 hours and still had 3 of 4 bars left on my battery.  2) It was so QUIET, I almost thought something was wrong!  Meanwhile my bandmate couldn't get rid of his annoying noise interference!  3)  I was packed up and ready to leave in about 15 minutes..."


Frank B., Scottsdale, AZ

 “This is a one of a kind pedal board. The circuit is completely isolated, and the EARTHBOARD is uber portable. Imagine going to a gig and setting up your pedalboard in minutes. You can change out pedals in seconds.  I was always frustrated with the cobweb of power cords and hum from dirty circuits. This changes that.” 


Greg Karas, Lead Guitar with Andy Grammer

“The EARTHBOARD is the future of pedalboards. Nothing to plug into a wall. It uses isolated rechargeable battery power, which eliminates the majority of typical noise/grounding issues to keep your tone clear and makes set up and tear down so easy!”


Jurek K., Daly City, CA

 "Awesome.  Very innovative, an amazing gadget. Prevents from all the cable clutter, I love it"

Bryan B.,  San Francisco, CA

"Thanks so much for your quick response. It’s so great to deal with a smaller company that actually values its customers, listens, and writes back.  I have already begun turning on all my musician buddies to your gear and will be doing a massive social media blast to my thousands of followers what a great company and product this is..."

Thank You!!!

To our valued customers...

Thank you for being a part of our journey, taking a crazy idea and bringing it to the music world!  We appreciate that you trusted and took a leap of faith with us!  Without you, it would have remained just an imagination...

Our priority is in the excellence of our products and services - something we are committed to and would never sacrifice.  In line with this goal, we ask you to share with us your feedback at any time, be it positive or negative. There is always room for improvement, so if we can serve you better in anyway, please tell us.

We hope you'll continue to want to do business with us in the coming years.  We have more amazing, "game-changing" products coming.  Our hope is that each and every one of them either blows your mind or delights you!  

Thank you again for your support.   We are humbled and grateful beyond words.