Executive Team

Frank Boxberger | Design & Innovation


Frank grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona and had received his first Beatles album by the age of 10 ...and his life was forever changed, musically speaking. He then quickly learned how to play the bass AND electric guitar.

With a part-time music career over the last 40 years, Frank has written and produced many songs, including all of the stadium music for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Frank is a registered engineer, earning his degree from Arizona State University. He currently owns 12 patents on musically related products, with MANY more new products on the drawing board!

Frank lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with his bride of 27 years and has two beautiful daughters (Kayla & Paige).

Kym Bradley | Sales & Marketing


With an impressive work history of leadership in sales and marketing, Kym balances world-class customer experience with professional productivity at the executive level.  

Her experience in business development and strategic workflow (particularly when it comes to product innovation) will help launch the EARTHBOARD as Rare Earth Music's debut release.  

Kym says, "Our goal is to innovate, design, invent, create, and build true game-changing, first-to-market products that delight and impress the music industry on a daily basis."

Kym is married to her best friend, Mark Bradley, who works as Operations Executive at Rare Earth Music. They both reside in Music City — Nashville, Tennessee. 

Mark Bradley | Operations & Manufacturing


Mark Bradley  is an avid musician and entrepreneur who coordinates multiple facets of the creator of the EARTHBOARD, Rare Earth Music LLC.  From his earliest days to the present, music has been an integral part of his life. "When the EARTHBOARD idea became a reality, I absolutely knew this was a game changer. Due to the fact that I have lived through the frustrations of dealing with pedalboards in the traditional sense, I totally understood what the EARTHBOARD means to a player.  Frank and I both have engineering educations and background, and I have dealt with operations and logistics all of my life."

Today Frank and Mark take care of, among other things, the design and manufacture of the EARTHBOARD. "From day one this was a great product different than anything out there. Our roadmap for future products and accessories is already in place.  Our primary focus is getting the word out...educating musicians and buyers about the product and how it works. We will provide superb customer service and support. This is part of our core mission."

Mark resides in Nashville Tennessee with his wife and business partner Kym.