EARTHBOARD Pedalboard System FAQs

To see how the EARTHBOARD Pedalboard System works, check out our YouTube Channel at for various videos that will make you an expert in no time!

1: What is the voltage output of the EARTHBOARD Pedalboard System?

A: The patented EARTHBOARD Pedalboard System circuitry is 9v, the same as required for most guitar effects pedals.

2: What if I have a 12v or 18v pedal - can I use both at one time?

A: You can use 9v, 12v, and 18v pedals at the same time with EARTHBOARD.  Our Gravity Boot Tethers are designed to provide the appropriate voltage to each pedal.  Each EARTHBOARD Pedalboard System comes with 9v Tethers however if you need 12v or 18v Tethers, they are available upon request. 

3: How long will the rechargeable battery last?

A: The life of the battery depends on the number and type of pedals being used.  A good rule of thumb is to divide 85 by the number of pedals being used. For example with 10 pedals running, the battery will provide power for 8.5 hours. The battery specs are for 10,000 mAh, and typical output using our system is 9v at between 8,000 real mAh. The spec’d output is 2.4A.

4: How long does it take to charge the battery?

A:  Initial charge should be 24 hours. The battery takes a 2A input charge. Following the initial charge, to recharge a fully depleted battery takes approximately 3-4 hours.  Individual results may vary.

5: Oops, I forgot to charge my battery. Is there any backup so I can still use my EARTHBOARD?

A:  Our Backup Boot is a special accessory designed to allow your AC adapter to power the EARTHBOARD if needed. The rechargeable battery provides isolated power that eliminates annoying wall hum and noise interference so you will likely not ever want to use wall power unless absolutely necessary!  Still we understand the comfort of a backup system!  Notes:  1) AC adapters are usually set up to be center pin positive (+). Our backup boot orients with the positive polarity on the bottom rail of each two-rail system. Check with us if you have questions.  2) You can power 12v and 18v pedals using the Backup Boot and an adapter as long as you use the 12v and 18v Gravity Boot Tether described in Question 2.

6: How do I know how much power my rechargeable battery has left?

A:  The battery level meter (4 blue dot lights) are easily visible on the battery. Each blue light equals 25% power so at 100% (full charge) all four blue dots will light up, at 75% three lights will be lit, and so on. When only one blue dot light is lit, there is 25% power left and you still have roughly 2 hours play time left.

7: How many pedals can I put on an EARTHBOARD?

A:  There are currently three EARTHBOARD models that hold 5, 6 and 10 standard size pedals. Pedal size, such as mini pedals or large pedals, may change the number of pedals that will fit on your EARTHBOARD. We offer accessories and solutions to support your desired configuration so contact us to discuss your personal rig needs! 

8:  What if I have more pedals than fits on my EARTHBOARD?

A: This is one of the main reasons we created EARTHBOARD! Our patented design allows you to easily rearrange, add and change pedals - literally in seconds! (watch a 90 second setup  here! )  Gravity Boots can be purchased individually so you can put them on as many pedals as you like, and then simply add or remove pedals from your board as needed. You can also use our LifeLine System to connect multiple EARTHBOARDs together using the same battery. Check it out in our shop section!

9: How do larger pedals fit on the Gravity Boots?

A:  We offer a Dummy Boot accessory to place under wider pedals for extra support. The Dummy Boot is a Gravity Boot that uses Rare-Earth-Magnets but has no electrical circuitry.

10: How do I know if my IC chip style pedal is going to work?

A:  From time to time we learn about a pedal that might require some custom work to be compatible with EARTHBOARD. We can provide you the specs of the EARTHBOARD but can’t provide the specs for every pedal on the market.  Some pedals are reverse polarity.  Some are center pin positive (+) and others are center pin negative. (-).  We can solve polarity and voltage requirements.  We have several artists using newer “IC” chip style pedals with EARTHBOARD, and we will assist in any way that we can.  We want you to be able to use all pedals! If you are a Strymon pedal user, please let us know. 

11: Is there a shock hazard to using the EARTHBOARD?

A: The EARTHBOARD does not provide a shock hazard. Should you touch both rails at the same time, say with a metal screwdriver, the battery will automatically power the board off. To power the board back on, either remove and replace the Gravity Boot with the battery from the rail system or press the reset button on the side of the battery. The EARTHBOARD is more than just a pedalboard.  Even though it is built like and feels like a tank, it is an electronic system.  Treat it accordingly, with proper care.  Avoid abuse and getting it wet, just like you would with any pedalboard, and you will be able to Focus on the Music, Not the Setup for years to come!

If you have additional questions please let us know!  We'd love to hear what's on your mind and chances are if you need more information, someone else does too!!!   And we LOVE to solve problems.   Call or email so we can help you Focus on the Music, Not the Setup!!!